An Alternative Way to Pay


Wanting to spread the cost on a stylish new garment? 

We've teamed up with Laybuy to provide our customers with an alternative payment method. If you're unable to pay for the item fully upfront, Laybuy will give you the opportunity to pay in 6 easy instalments over the course of 6 weeks, follow the steps below to use Laybuy on our website.


  1. Choose the product you would like to buy and click "Add to basket", then proceed to checkout
  2. Fill out your shipping details on the following page and click next
  3. After clicking next you'll will be given a choice of payment options, select the Laybuy option towards the bottom
  4. This will take you to Laybuys website, where you'll be prompted to enter a few details
  5. After filling out your details on Laybuy you'll then be taken back to the Maquien site, and just like that your new wardrobe piece is on its way!

Spreading the cost has never being so easy! Any queries? Email us at