We see a lot of brands talk about sustainability but I have been asking myself - is Maquien sustainable? Is Maquien good for the people and the planet?

I was surprised how quickly the answer YES came to me. Here is what my mental check list looked like:

  • All of our materials are natural, and sourced from the most reputable UK mills and suppliers. Every cloth we buy and use for our garments is sourced and woven in the UK. I truly say this with a sense of pride because the quality of the fabrics we buy and use is simply superior. Not to mention that it lasts and lasts and lasts…. there’s no end to wearing our coats and jackets.  My only confession is that the linings are from the EU, and bought from a UK agent for them, the quality I cannot fault, but I am sourcing a more UK sustainable line of linings.

  • The seamstresses and factory I work with are local or UK based. I have never ever manufactured abroad.  It was so much easier to find the skill and care in the UK which is right for Maquien. I passionately support UK manufacturing and goods.


  • Many of our clients are UK based. No big transport effort to deliver them. But many are international too. We figured if this is the only aspect of our brand that is presently not so green - then that’s not too bad. DHL we use for deliveries are improving their carbon footprint with a future of electrification and sustainable fuel.  On balance - the good outweighs the journey some garments have to make across the world. 

We try to safely re-use good boxes which come to us as part of our strategy to do as much as we can for the environment. 

Thank you for reading this, we are aware of being as transparent as possible as we progress.

Vonny xo

What do you think? What is the best aspect of Made IN the UK that matters for you?  I would love to hear any views. Please email me at