The Art of Tailoring & Craftsmanship

You and your clothing needs are at the centre of everything we love to do.

With many years of experience, we take time to invest in you and create garments that enable you to express your style.

Everyone of us who is involved in the creative journey of our garments is passionate about the whole tailoring process from sourcing the best materials to liaising with clients to provide the best possible service.

Our attention to detail that is second to none.

We are confident that we can provide you with the bespoke outfit you desire. 



What is British Craftsmanship?

British craftsmanship is a term used to describe products that are created in Britain, using time-honoured traditional methods.

Craft skills enrich and uplift us as individuals, and change our world for the better. 

Britain is a country with a long history of traditions. We are a nation with a strong sense of pride and a rich past and have been revered by other countries for our crafts for centuries. It is important to maintain the skills that have been passed down through the generations, so that traditional skills such as tailoring are not lost. Hand-made or hand-finished products add character and style and can form part of the rich tapestry of our lives.


For us, craftsmanship is not just about a garment being produced in Britain. It is a way of life, a passion, and a love of the old-fashioned art of craft.

At Maquien, all our garments are hand crafted - from the fabrics we source and hand select, right down to the final stitches made.

Our craftsmen have been with us for years and each and every one of them cares about the item he or she is producing. Using skills that they have perfected for years, at Maquien we strive to produce the best tailored garments possible.